App Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the following Tomfusion mobile apps:

  • All Weather
  • Au Weather (all versions; Android & iOS)
  • Card Number Validator
  • Coin Pool Monitor (all versions)
  • Simple Sudoku

Tomfusion does not store personal information or share any personal information with third parties.

No personal information, network details or location data generated or consumed during the use of any apps are stored by Tomfusion.

In-App Advertisements

Notwithstanding the statements above, apps that contain advertisements (ads) may be subject third party advertising organisations that collect and use personal information as part of their service.  In these cases the apps will be updated to notify the users of its use, where required, and provide clear information, including details about the use of personal information and options to control its use will be supplied in-app.

Below are the ad networks used by Tomfusion, including links to their specific privacy policies:

  • Google (AdMob & AdSense)
  • AppBrain
  • Mobfox (legacy apps and versions prior to 2019)
  • AppLift (legacy apps and versions prior to 2019)
  • StartApp (legacy apps and versions prior to 2019)

Crash Reporting & Analytics

To provide quality products and improve apps, basic analytics and crash reproring may be collected using Google Analytics for Firebase and Firebase Crashlytics.  For more information visit the Privacy and Security in Firebase page. This includes information pertaining to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in Europe.


This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on the date shown above.

This privacy policy applies to apps only.  This website’s Privacy Policy can be found on the site menu.

Note this privacy statement excludes email communications to the Tomfusion support email (since the apps don’t have integrated email functionality).

If you have any questions feel free to contact Tomfusion via email at: support [at]