Au Weather 2.x Help

Au Weather 2.x Help


Tap the menu icon (toolbar, top left) or swipe in from the left of the screen to view favourites:


Click the plus (+) sign to add favourites:

  • Select form nearby locations
  • Select by state
  • Use nearest (follow me):
    • available if location services are enabled on the device
    • will default to the closest BOM weather station (unless the station is excluded – see below)

What if the “nearest” station is a dud? Maybe it’s only updated once or twice a day or it’s no longer being updated by BOM. To prevent station being used as ‘nearest” station:

  • long-press the station name on the favourites list
  • select “Exclude as nearest” from the pop-up menu

Note: to later include the station in the nearest list again:

  • add the station from the “nearby” list or via the state selection list
  • long-press the station name in the favourites list
  • select “Include as nearest” from the pop-up menu

Station Data

The top section displays the basic observation details (swipe up/down to view all the details).


The bottom section displays tabs with:

  • forecast details (up to 6 days where available)
  • observation details including sunrise and sunset times (station dependent) :
    • tap the icons for a description
    • details can be set to text only (via preferences)
    • details can be set to be the first tab (via preferences)
  • weather warnings for the station state



Tap the radar icon (if available) in the observation details section to view the closest radar loop. The radar button is only displayed when a radar is within ~550km (~250km free version) of the currently displayed station. The free version only shows the 256km radar loop for the currently selected station.


The paid version allows for selecting 512km/256km/128km radar loops when the radar loop is displayed (via menu). The default radar range to use can be set via preferences in the paid version.

Important: Note that all radar loops are not always on and may be taken off-line by BOM.



When adding an Au Weather widget to a home screen the Widget Settings screen is displayed. The following options are available:

  • Station: select the water station’s data to display on the widget.
  • Widget background*: select the background to use on the widget.
  • Widget temperature in status bar: select this option to display an ongoing notification in the status bar with the temperature. This can only be set for one widget at a time.
  • Show station name: display the station name on the widget.



  • the default temperature colour is white and my not be visible if the status bar is light/white: this can be changed in the application preferences
  • multiple widgets for different stations can be added
  • widget text colours can be set via preferences (min/max/ temperature/general text)

*only available for the 2×1 widget