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Oz Weather Help

Oz Weather for Windows Phone Help

Adding a Favourite Station

  • From the Favourites (main) screen, tap the Add (+) button.
  • Select the station to add:
    • Use Nearest (if location available): Adds a “virtual” station that will always update to the closest BOM station available depending on the device location (sometimes referred to as “Follow-me”)
    • Nearby Locations (if location available): Displays a list of nearby locations listed from closest to furthest.
    • Select by State: Select the state by tapping “choose item”: an alphabetic list of BOM stations in the state is listed (scroll to see all stations).
  • Once a station is selected it will be added to the Favourites list.

Removing a Favourite Station

To remove a station from the Favourites list:

  • Long press the station name in the Favourites list
  • Select “Remove “ from the pop-up menu


Add Live Tile

To display station information on the app tile:

  • Add the required station to the Favourites list
  • Long press the station name in the Favourites list
  • Select “Display on tile” – an asterisk (*) will appear next to the station name to indicate it is used for the live tile.



  • The live tile will update approximately every 30 to 60 minutes. The frequency is controlled by the Windows Phone operating system.

Station Details

Tap a favourite on the Favourite list to open the station details page. Scroll up/down on the station details to view all available information. Tap the refresh icon to update the station data if required.



Where available, a radar icon will be displayed below the weather icon.  Tap on it to open the nearest radar loop.

History & Graph

Tap the menu icon to select either station history or graph for the last 24 hours (where available).  Note that the graph may take a few moments to load from the remote server.


Email any issues or suggestions to support [at] tomfusion.com