All Weather Help

Adding Weather Locations

On the Places screen tap the Add Station button and select from “Nearby stations” (if network location is enabled on your device) or “Search by name”.

add station

Nearby Locations

This option will list up to 10 nearby weather locations. Select the location to add from to the list.


This will only work correctly if network location is enabled on your device. To enable network locations, go to device settings Location > and enable WiFi and mobile network location.

Search by Name

Use this option to search for a specific location like “New York” or “London” – the search will list locations with matching names.  Select the location to add from to the list. This option requires an internet connection.

Weather Details

To view more detailed information about a location, select it from the Places list.  This will open the detail view:



The detail view displays the following info:

  • Location name
  • Current weather description and icon
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Gust speed
  • Humidity
  • Time of last update and time of last check
  • Sunrise & Sunset times (device timezone)
  • Distance and direction to the weather location
  • Forecast for the next few days

Taping the refresh button at the top right will retrieve the latest weather information.  Weather information will automatically updated if this view is opened and the last update was more than 30 minutes ago.  An internet connection is required for weather information to be retrieved.



Open from the menu.  The following items can be configured:

  • Initial view:  The view displayed when the app is opened: either the favourites screen or open the default station detail (or widget station detail when the app is opened by tapping the home screen widget).
  • Back button closes app: Setting this will make the app close when the back button is pressed instead of going back the favourites from the station detail screen.
  • Update interval: Select the interval at which the weather should be checked. Note that if the widget is not used, weather will only be updated once you open the app.
  • High Contrast: Changes the in app text to white on black for better clarity.
  • Status bar text colour: The colour can be set to either black or white. The default is black. If your device’s title bar is black you’ll need to set the status bar to the white option to see the temperature! The same goes for white temperature on a white title bar.
  • Temperature Units: Select either Celcius or Fahrenheit
  • Wind Speed Units: Select from kilometers per hour (km/h), knots, meters per second or miles per hour