Coin Pool Monitor Help

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CPM allows you to monitor all you crypto coin mining activities in one spot.  Instead of opening each of your mining pool sites to see what your workers are doing, simply add your site API URL and description to the app to quickly see what your miners are up to.

CPM works with a bunch of coin mining pool sites with the supported JSON API format (some pools also has HTML support – see list below).

Adding a Pool

Add Pool Button

  • Tap the add pool button on the main screen.
  • Specify a pool name:  any friendly name can be used.
  • Specify the pool API URL. Pool API URLs are user specific, ie unique for each user (keep it secret!) – see note below.
  • Tap Save to add the new pool.
  • The pool will not appear on the pool list on the main page.


You can usually find your pool API URL on your pool account settings page called API, API KEY, JSON KEY or something similar.  Most times it will also have a hyperlink that opens the raw JSON for viewing (lots of curly brackets & quoted values). The URL opened by this link is what you need to enter into API URL field. Suggestion: it is easest to copy and paste it from your Android browser or from an email message.

Editing a pool

To Edit a pool, open the pool details view and tap the settings button (top right) to edit the pool details:

pool settings

Deleting a Pool

To delete a pool, long-press the pool name on the main screen and select  Delete Pool

Pool Details

To view pool details, tap on a pool name on the main page.  The pool details displayed vary according to the mining pool and may include things like:

* Total Hash Rate
* Round shares
* Round estimated earnings
* Rewards to date
* Worker details:
– worker name
– hash rate



The info provided by pool APIs are completely up to the sites and there is no “standard API”.  Not all pools provide worker details in their API.

Exchange Rates

CPM also displays current exchange rates from CoinChoose .  On the main page exchange rates are shown in ticker format at the top & bottom of the screen.  Tapping on the exchange ticker or the exchange rate button/menu item opens the full exchange rate page:


This view displays the coin abbreviation, name, BitCoin relative profitability (in brackets), current best exchange rate and the Exchange abbreviation in brackets of the exchange offering the rate.


This is made possible by the free API provided by CoinChoose: if you want to support them  you can go to their site & making use of the click-thru discounts on some exchanges. Note CPM is in no way affiliated to CoinChoose.

Known Supported Pools

Some of the supported include:

  • Most of the Big Vern Pools
  • (Litecoin pool)
  • (Litecoin pool)
  • (DigitalCoin pool)
  • (Feathercoin pool)
  • OzCoin (Bitcoin pool)
  • (Litecoin pool)
  • WDC.COINMINE.PL (WorldCoin pool)
  • (HTML)
  • (no workers in API)
  • (no workers in API)
  • (no workers in API)
  • (both JSON & HTML)
  • (no JSON arrays?)

Other pools may be supported by default, however if you get *parse error* the pool is not supported (yet – see below).

If you experience any issues with one of the exiting supported pools send the pool details and short description to support [at]

Unsupported Pools

If you’re using a mining pool with an unsupported API, send a request with the pool name/URL to support [at]  If it is possible to support the pool API we’ll incorporate it into the app.

These pools have issues that need to be resolved by the pool admin:

  • : 403 error (Forbidden)
  • : SSL error (try v2.16)
  • : SSL error (try v2.16)